Finger Grippers:


•Thinnest neoprene with

most flexibility


•Improves grip with rubber

on outside of brace


•Reversible – Can use

rubber grip or show logo side


•Waterproof with rubber on the outside of brace


•Ideal for Sports (Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Racquetball)

Finger Friends:


•Medium thickness neoprene

& medium flexibility


•Extra padding, cushioning &

finger joint support


•Medical benefits due to

compression & heat therapy


•Ideal for Arthritis, Trigger

Finger, other finger ailments


•Reversible – Can show logo

side or solid black color

NEO Nuckles:


•Thickest neoprene with

most finger support


•Extra padding, cushioning

& finger joint support


•Ideal for Sports

(Basketball, Volleyball,



•Industrial Uses: Mechanic,

Construction, Assembly Line


•Reversible – Can show logo

side or colored side


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Dear preneproducts,

THANK YOU! I have been using your Finger Friends and Finger Grippers for about 10 weeks. They have made a huge change in my golf swing, as I don't have to worry about the pain in my right ring finger. I had developed a hard callous on the knuckle, and was changing my swing to accommodate the pain. They are easy to slip on, and stay in place. If it gets wet, it dries quickly, or I turn it inside out and still have protection. I wear another on my middle finger, due to a strain I developed some years ago. I keep several Prene Products in my golf bag so they are always within reach. My golf friends ask if they replace tape and band aids and the answer is yes - I'll never go back to those again! I like that there are a variety of sizes available, as they make great gifts for men and women. Did they help me win the club championship this summer? Quite possibly!! Thank you for creating this wonderful product!!

Andi H

Phoenix AZ

Dear preneproducts,

I just orderd another set. I cannot thank you enough. This is such a unique and high quality product; I have severe arthritis that leaves my fingers bent and sore. Blisters form all too easily. Bandaids come off from sweat and everything else I have tried either slipped off and/or failed to provide protection, and is comfortable. And best of all it does not affect the grip, the feel of the clubs, or the shot making.


Sincere thanks for offering such an awesome product.


One VERY satisfied customer,

Jim Wilson

Lakeland, Florida