1. What is the difference between the Finger Grippers, Finger Friends and Neo Nuckles?


Finger Grippers:

 Thinnest neoprene with most flexibility

 Improves grip with textured rubber “Shark Skin” on outside of brace

 Reversible – Can use rubber grip or show logo side

 Waterproof with rubber on the outside of brace

 Ideal for Sports (Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Racquetball)


Finger Friends:

 Medium thickness neoprene & medium flexibility

 Extra padding, cushioning & finger joint support

 Medical benefits due to compression & heat therapy

 Ideal for Arthritis, Trigger Finger, other finger ailments

 Reversible – Can show logo side or solid black color


Neo Nuckles:

 Thickest neoprene with most finger support

 Extra padding, cushioning & finger joint support

 Ideal for Sports (Basketball, Volleyball, Weight-Lifting)

 Industrial Uses: Mechanic, Construction, Assembly Line

 Reversible – Can show logo side or colored side


2. What sizes do they come in?

Length – all the braces are 1.75” long


Size           Inches           Centimeters           Ring Size

Small           2.2                        5.6                       4.0-7.5

Medium      2.5                        6.4                      7.5-10.5

Large           2.8                        7.1                      10.5-14

X-Large       3.1                        7.9                          14+


3. How do I measure to figure out what size I need?

Use a flexible measuring tape and measure the circumference of the point on your
finger that you want to wear the brace.


4. What colors do they come in?

Finger Grippers and Finger Friends current only come in black.  Neo Nuckles come in red, blue and black.


5. How many braces are in a package?

Each package has two braces of the same kind and size.


6. How do I put them on?

Place your fingertip inside either end of the brace and gently pull the brace onto the finger.  When putting the Finger Grippers on with the textured side on the inside it does require a little more pulling to get the brace into place, however it is very secure and won’t move, which is the benefit of wearing the textured side on the inside.


7. Where do I position them on my finger?

Position the brace on your finger wherever you need the protection or support.  For some it is closer to the fingertip and for others it is all the way down on the finger.  The positioning may be different for each finger depending upon the activity and your individual needs.


8. Which finger do I wear it on?

The braces can be worn on any finger and every finger including the thumb.


9. How tight should they feel?

The finger brace should feel snug but not too tight.  If it restricts blood flow or the needed movement then it is too tight.  Wear it tight enough to provide the level of support and compression that is desired for your individual needs.


10. Why do I need a finger brace?

What are the benefits?

The finger braces are to prevent injury, protect after injury, provide support to stabilize finger joints and provide pain relief from arthritis, trigger finger, finger surgery or finger injury.


Are you tired of using tape and band aids to protect your fingers from blisters/calluses/rub spots and abrasions only to have them fall off and leave a sticky mess on your fingers?


Is your glove not giving you the padding, protection and shock absorption that you need?


The finger braces provide support, padding, protection in the case of finger injury.


Would you like to improve your grip and not have to worry about your grip in the rain?  Finger Grippers are waterproof and have a textured material which increases grip.


Do you need pain relief from arthritis, trigger finger, finger surgery, finger injury or any other finger aliment?


The finger brace provide compression which stimulates blood flow, reduces swelling and inflammation, generates and maintains heat.


11. Product Applications & Uses

Medical / Health


Trigger Finger


Cuts or abrasions


Finger Surgery

Finger Ailment

Finger Injury

Sprained Finger

Jammed Finger

Super "Band Aid"






12. Can I wear them under or over a glove?

The finger braces can be worn in place of a glove, under or over a glove for additional support and padding.



13. How can I get additional pain relief?

Using a pain relief cream and then applying the brace will increase the amount of heat generated which aids in helping sooth the achy joint.


For those that experience more relief from cold, the brace can be gotten wet and placed in the freezer for a few minutes and worn.


14. Corporate Branding – Custom Colors

We are happy to create a custom order with custom colors and logos and packaging to fit your individual needs.  Please contact us to discuss what you would like and we can discuss pricing.


15. Wholesale/Distributor Pricing

Wholesale pricing is available.  Please contact us to discuss the particulars.


16. How do I care for them?

Hand wash in cold water using a mild soap.  Rinse thoroughly, as residual soap may cause skin irritation and deterioration of the brace.  Let air dry.


17. How are the braces constructed?

The braces are first glued and then sewn along the seam.  This is done so that if the stitching comes out the brace will not come apart.  The stitching along the top and bottom of the brace provides a nice finish which helps the brace last longer through the normal wear and tear process.


18. What is the warranty?

Prene Products LLC will repair or replace any product which has either a material or workmanship defect.  Each brace is checked by our Quality Assurance prior to shipment, however once in a while a bad brace does sneak through.  Please contact us right away so that we can replace the defective brace.  This warranty does not include normal wear and tear.



This product should not be worn by individuals with known susceptibility to dermatitis or allergies to neoprene by products.


If you experience any worsening of pain, swelling, sensation changes or any unusual reactions while using this product, immediately stop utilization and consult your medical provider.


Sports / Fitness










Track & Field

Martial Arts


Rock Climbing


Fly Fishing

Weight lifting

All Sports



Assembly Line

Yard Work




Arts & Crafts




Brick mason

Carpet & Tile work