Finger Friends!

Do you have painful arthritis or trigger fingers?


Finger Friends by Prene Products is a medical line of Neoprene  Finger Braces for those suffering from arthritis. These products are designed for the individual that has moderate to extreme arthritis and still maintains an active lifestyle.



Arthritic fingers cause everything from pain and swelling to deformity, and can greatly affect the way we live our lives because it easily interferes with even some of the simplest of our day-to-day activities. The pain can prove unbearable at times, and the stiffness can lead to a loss of movement, which is why finding an effective treatment option is so important. Arthritis in fingers doesn’t need to take over your life and rob you of your ability to function and live your life the way you always have.


Finger Friends provide mild compression to enhance circulation and leave your fingertips available to touch and grip items, play the piano, type on the computer etc.


We have found that neoprene is a significantly superior material when it comes to hand or finger support, protection, and shock / impact resistance. Neoprene provides superior cushion and comfort, along with increased durability and water resistance. In addition, with today’s technology we can provide a significant variation in the neoprene thickness to maximize the efficiency, flexibility and support of the product depending on its intended use.


Most importantly Neoprene creates and maintains “HEAT”……those suffering from even the mildest form of arthritis know how comforting heat can be. Heat not only improves flexibility, but also relieves joint pain. The mild compression from the Finger Friends helps eliminate the inflammation from arthritis.  To further aid in the soothing of joint pain we have found that using your favorite relief cream before wearing Finger Friends provides great results.


We are confident that this simple, yet effective solution to arthritis pain will provide you with instantaneous and long lasting relief of minor aches and pains.



­     Softer, more cushion

­     More padding, shock resistant, shock absorbent

­     Durable, longer lasting, stronger

­     Better support

­     Produces & Holds heat

­     Water-proof, resistant

­     Protective

­     Heat cream





Braces - all sizes are 1.75" in length and the size you need will vary depending upon where on the finger you place them and which finger you need them on.


The material is neoprene and stretches and each individual will have a different comfort level of how tight they wish to wear the brace on their finger.


Circumference of the braces are as follows - Small - 2.2", Medium 2.5" and Large 2.8". Small fits most children fingers and the pinkie of an adult. Most women will wear a medium and most men a large.