Finger Grippers!

Finger Grippers are unique because they have a rubber texture on the outside to provide a significantly better grip.  They are waterproof and reversible allowing the grip to be utilized on the inside for positioning or the outside for gripping. The Finger Grippers work well to help keep a firm grip on the golf club even in the rain.


Finger Grippers allow for a better grip and effectively eliminate calluses and blisters and give the flexibility of wearing the finger protection where you really need it. They can be used in all kinds of sports  including golf, baseball, softball, tennis, basketball, volleyball, football, weight lifting and even rock climbing.



They are also useful for a variety of non-sport related activities like gardening, construction or any activity which requires the finger to be free to grip objects or tools while also protecting the fingers from injury or damage. They are ideal for activities that might result in finger irritation, blisters, calluses or cuts and are designed specifically to reduce friction or abrasions on our fingers.


Finger Grippers give comfort to jammed or sprained fingers and facilitate recovery after an injury by, promoting increased blood circulation and protect the specific area affected by any finger related injury. They are convenient, durable, waterproof, reversible, reusable, and can be washed and worn again and again.

What sizes do they come in?


Length – all the braces are 1.75” long


Size           Inches           Centimeters           Ring Size

Small           2.2                        5.6                       4.0-7.5

Medium      2.5                        6.4                      7.5-10.5

Large           2.8                        7.1                      10.5-14

X-Large       3.1                        7.9                          14+