Neo Nuckles!


Don’t want to wear two gloves?

Tired of blistered fingers?

Tape and bandages not working so well?


Neo Nuckles are neoprene athletic finger protectors that are better than a second glove because they allow for a better feel on the grip. If you suffer blisters or sore fingers after your round of golf then try Neo Nuckles.  Neo Nuckles provides the ultimate finger protection golfers need to effectively eliminate the callusing and blistering that so many golfers suffer from.  Neo Nuckles provides the flexibility of wearing the finger protection just where you need it.




Neo Nuckles provides support and finger protection while also allowing the flexibility desired by most athletes.  Neo Nuckles aren’t just for golfers, they can be used in variety of applications ranging from sports such as baseball, tennis, racquet ball, rodeo riding, climbing, squash, basically any sporting activity involving gripping and friction.


NOT JUST FOR ATHLETES: Neo Nuckles  also provide finger protection, comfort and enhanced ability at performing physical tasks in many applications ranging from yard work such as raking and shoveling to working an assembly line.  Neo Nuckles are ideal for any activities which might result in finger irritation, blistering, calluses and sores.


Neo Nuckles are designed to reduce friction between fingers.


Prene Products LLC has found that neoprene is a significantly superior material compared to leather when it comes to hand support, protection, and shock resistance for any sport that requires a solid grip. Neoprene provides a superior grip, enhanced cushion and comfort, good breathability along with increased durability and water resistance.


Our products are convenient, comfortable, durable,  able to wash and wear, and reusable.

What sizes do they come in?


Length – all the braces are 1.75” long


Size           Inches           Centimeters           Ring Size

Small           2.2                        5.6                       4.0-7.5

Medium      2.5                        6.4                      7.5-10.5

Large           2.8                        7.1                      10.5-14