What sizes do they come in?

Length – all the braces are 1.75” long


Size           Inches           Centimeters           Ring Size

Small           2.2                        5.6                       4.0-7.5

Medium      2.5                        6.4                      7.5-10.5

Large           2.8                        7.1                      10.5-14

X-Large       3.1                        7.9                          14+

Do you have painful arthritis or trigger fingers?


Finger Friends by Prene Products is a medical line of Neoprene  Finger Braces for those suffering from arthritis. These products are designed for the individual that has moderate to extreme arthritis and still maintains an active lifestyle.

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Need that extra grip to better your game?


Finger Grippers are neoprene waterproof and reversible and allow for a better grip and effectively eliminate calluses and blisters and give the flexibility of wearing the finger protection where you really need it.

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Don’t want to wear two gloves?

Tired of blistered fingers?

Tape and bandages not working so well?


Neo Nuckles are neoprene athletic finger protectors that are better than a second glove because they allow for a better feel on the grip. If you suffer blisters or sore fingers after your round of golf then try Neo Nuckles.

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Many Uses