"What A Great Idea!"

Prene Products on the Golf Spotlight at the 2014 PGA Show

“Never Was Been”


Finger Friend finger braces by Prene Products are starring (well, worn) by the star and supporting cast in a baseball film "Never Was Been" by Sean Pamphilon and Warren Moon of Sports 1 Marketing.


Prene Products is a proud sponsor of the movie and was featured on the inside front cover of Baseball Digest November/December 2013 issue.


“Never Was Been” is “The Rookie” meets “Invincible”.  In this coming of middle-age story, Sean Pamphilon honors one of his heroes – the late George Plimpton, by portraying a man yearning to play a boys game and trying to re-capture a glory that never existed.


The film finds Sean 44 and 50 lbs overweight at a crossroads on the downward slope towards diabetes or attempt to resurrect a baseball career that never happened. Sean’s real life team competes in the National Adult Baseball Association at the Tempe Diablo in Tempe Arizona.  The ending couldn’t have been any better if it had been scripted with a walk off hit in the 10th inning to win the 2013 NABA Championship.

The film will be released at the many film festivals in early 2014.

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